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Part 2-Former Head of Hot Wheels and Matchbox Design FELIX HOLST

September 23rd, 2019

As car designer Bryan Thompson continues his talk with Fritz Holst (former head of design for Matchbox and Hot Wheels at Mattel), we dive deeper into the mysterious connection we have with our cars (starting as kids).  From giving them names and collecting toy versions to the personal statements most cars make about us as adults.  But how will our whole "car culture" and its deep connection with whatever moves us be tested in a brave new world of nameless, self-driving machines that pick us up only when needed?

Hear both their perspectives on our evolving love affair with cars and how startups like Fritz's fascinating HACKROD might just save the industry from a future of detached utilitarianism and cars becoming appliances by making each of us our own car designers thru a new world of affordable, on-demand manufacturing and 3D printing of parts. Allowing us the freedom to make whatever moves us in this rapidly changing landscape of automotive subscriptions, self-driving vehicles, electric bikes and scooters for rent on every corner.

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