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PART 1-Former HOT WHEELS and MATCHBOX Designer Felix Holst

September 23rd, 2019

For anyone who ever collected HOT WHEELS or MATCHBOX as a kid (like I did!) this show is for you.  As car designer Bryan Thompson talks with the former head of design for Matchbox and Hot Wheels at MATTEL, Felix Holst, about his cool work turning real cars into toys.  How he and his team at Matchbox worked hard to exactly match the miniatures with their real world counterparts. And how Hot Wheels allowed them the freedom to press the boundaries and make creative "comic book versions" of these same cars as well. 

Then hear about his equally mind boggling startup, HACKROD, and how he thinks their
"do-it-yourself' design platform for affordable, "on demand manufacturing" might enable a new future of personalized and customized real world cars as well. On DRIVEN BY DESIGN, the only show showing you the future of automotive one concept at a time.

On Orange County's equally futuristic "live podcasting" channel, OC TALK RADIO.  Streaming (not screaming) talk radio...

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