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Color Material Designer Jill Canales (formerly w/Nissan)

September 23rd, 2019

For his first guest, car designer Bryan Thompson talks with his friend and former teammate at Nissan, Jill Canales, about what it takes to be a "color material designer". "We are in charge of every material color in the car from the grain and hue of the plastic dashboard to the headliner and carpet to the exterior color of the car," she explains. "We don't just pick colors. We design them from the chemistry of the paint to match the mood and feel of the space."  This from a woman who famously wrote her thesis on only working in "black and white".  And who now works as SVP for Product and Marketing at The Original Scrapbox ("unique furniture tailored to crafters, seamstresses, etc. that can enhance their experience by simplifying and organizing their supplies so they can create").

A fascinating start to our weekly conversation with the magician's who make us feel so connected to our cars and "spaces". As we pull back the curtain on automotive and transportation design here on DRIVEN BY DESIGN. On Orange County's only community radio station, OC TALK RADIO.  Streaming (not screaming) talk radio. And live podcasting.

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