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Cars without gas-ZETA’s bold initiative for 100% electrification

January 31st, 2021

Once upon a time, we were promised a future with "flying cars". Now countries around the world (including the new Biden Administration) and our own State of California are promising a world where all new cars will be electric by 2030. Sound just as fantastic or unfeasible?

Listen as our host Bryan Thompson (10 year veteran of Nissan's SoCal design studio) talks with the industry group leading this charge.  The ZERO EMMISSIONS TRANSPORTATION ASSOCIATION (ZETA) and their bold initiative to insure that all new vehicles are 100% electric by 2030.  And how they are working with Congress and leading manufacturers to pave the way for this to really happen.  

Right here on this week's edition of DRIVEN BY DESIGN. On Orange County's only community radio station, Streaming live from the University of California's BEALL APPLIED INNOVATION CENTER.  

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