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A Gay Man’s Guide to Life by Britt East

January 24th, 2021

Today our Driven Designer, Bryan Thompson (10 year veteran of Nissan's SoCal Design studio) takes another detour to highlight some LGBT issues again. Not only talking about his ongoing SHINE initiative to shine a light on domestic abuse within this community, but to talk with an author Britt East, who's written A Gay Man's Guide to Life.  Designed to give gay men (in his words) a leg up on life by sharing his own journey as a way to guide and inspire others.

It's part of Bryan's series of shows that not only spotlight LGBT issues but shine a light on how people are using this cloistered Covid time to be creative and tackle new projects.  To take a look at what's driving people during these difficult times.  So ride along! Right here on Orange County's only community radio station,

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