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DRIVEN BY DESIGN-Ariel Rider E-Bikes

May 24th, 2021

This week our DRIVEN BY DESIGN car designer Bryan Thompson talks with Arda Onel, the Founder and Partner of Ariel Rider E-Bikes.  Discussing not only their high performance models like the Grizzly, but their amazing tale of success. As two Turkish sons move to China and build an international ebike company with their father, only to struggle and falter as their father dies and they are forced to go it alone, learning the complexities of servicing such a fast growing, international business. And having the foresight and courage to shut it all down after his death and start all over again to get it right. Moving to Seattle and rebuilding their brand from scratch (with even greater success)

It's an inspirational story of struggle and courage and rebirth. As Ariel Rider E-Bikes takes a new path, reaches new heights and tackles new terrain in an ever growing (and ever changing) market. Here on Orange County's only community radio station,


May 6th, 2021

Brent Shedd, CEO at ZING ROBOTICS in the Bay area. An autonomous vehicle startup that has developed "an electric, level 4 autonomous mobility platform suitable for a wide variety of uses" from ground service equipment for airlines and cargo carriers (to take humans off the tarmac) to military and other potential public uses. Cool stuff with lots of potential target markets and applications. You can check them out by visiting

Driven By Design-Easy Clean Kid’s Car Seats w/Jinah Kim

April 9th, 2021

Jinah Kim NIKO EASY WASH CAR SEAT COVERS on how becoming a mother led her to creating an easy wash cover for her kid's car seats. And how it's given her a whole new chapter in her life from TV Reporter to Entrepreneur.

Are we really ready for the electrification of all our vehicles?

April 4th, 2021

Are we really ready for the electrification of all our vehicles?  Tune in to this week's DRIVEN BY DESIGN as our host Bryan Thompson (a 10 year veteran of Nissan's SoCal design studio) tackles that question with Ali Jahed, a real live "electric vehicle consultant" at Morrow Mobility who previously was responsible for preparation, and full service readiness of Mazda U.S. operations (corporate, region, and dealers) for the launch of their Electric Vehicles and Hybrids, 

And given his connection with so many at Mazda (like his mentor, Tom Miata, legendary designer of the Mazda Miata), Bryan explores what it's like to work at that "scrappy car company" and how they build so much passion and heart into their products. And keep the fun of driving alive. Can that still be done in an all electric, self driving future? 

Hear all that and more in this highly energized discussion between two real "car guys" on this week's DRIVEN BY DESIGN. Exploring all the things that drive us today, here on Orange County's only community radio station.  Keeping SoCal's thriving and driving car culture alive, one conversation at a time...

The pedal power of PEDEGO eBikes

March 27th, 2021

While others worry and rethink their business, Don DiCostanzo has seen his direct dealer network double during Covid, as his PEDEGO brand of ebikes continues to pedal along in high gear.  Join us as he tracks that journey from "eBike enthusiast" to pioneer, entrepreneur and thought leader in this fast moving industry, on this week's edition of DRIVEN BY DESIGN (the one show that explores everything that drives us today). Here on OC TALK RADIO, Orange County's only community radio station and live podcasting platform.

From Designing Hondas to Watches

March 27th, 2021

Check out today's fascinating talk with Jason Wilbur who went from designing cars for Honda to his own line of high end watches (Wilbur Watches).  Finding new inspiration in these challenging times.  And a new way to channel his creative muses.  Only on DRIVEN BY DESIGN (a show about everything that drives us today). Here on OC TALK RADIO, OC's only community radio station.

Cars without gas-ZETA’s bold initiative for 100% electrification

January 31st, 2021

Once upon a time, we were promised a future with "flying cars". Now countries around the world (including the new Biden Administration) and our own State of California are promising a world where all new cars will be electric by 2030. Sound just as fantastic or unfeasible?

Listen as our host Bryan Thompson (10 year veteran of Nissan's SoCal design studio) talks with the industry group leading this charge.  The ZERO EMMISSIONS TRANSPORTATION ASSOCIATION (ZETA) and their bold initiative to insure that all new vehicles are 100% electric by 2030.  And how they are working with Congress and leading manufacturers to pave the way for this to really happen.  

Right here on this week's edition of DRIVEN BY DESIGN. On Orange County's only community radio station, Streaming live from the University of California's BEALL APPLIED INNOVATION CENTER.  

A Gay Man’s Guide to Life by Britt East

January 24th, 2021

Today our Driven Designer, Bryan Thompson (10 year veteran of Nissan's SoCal Design studio) takes another detour to highlight some LGBT issues again. Not only talking about his ongoing SHINE initiative to shine a light on domestic abuse within this community, but to talk with an author Britt East, who's written A Gay Man's Guide to Life.  Designed to give gay men (in his words) a leg up on life by sharing his own journey as a way to guide and inspire others.

It's part of Bryan's series of shows that not only spotlight LGBT issues but shine a light on how people are using this cloistered Covid time to be creative and tackle new projects.  To take a look at what's driving people during these difficult times.  So ride along! Right here on Orange County's only community radio station,

How a top professional dancer keeps going

December 17th, 2020

Professional Dancer Cassidy Knoblett (Mariah Carey, Katy Perry and others) talks about his COVID QUARANTINE TIME and how he keeps going and growing.  How do you keep moving when the world seems stuck in slowdown and shutdown?


Bringing Light Into Darkness

December 17th, 2020

Noted Car Designer Bryan Thompson shares his idea of how he tries to bring "light into darkness" not only thru his work designing cars for companies from Nissan to autonomous car maker Motional, but also thru his special SHINE project. SHINING a light on the often overlooked subject of domestic abuse in the LGBT community (including his own experience which inspired him to shine a not on others stories as well). So in these dark Covid times, don't give up hope!  Find a way to let the light shine thru in your own life!  And see how others are using this forced seclusion to open new doors and new ideas in their own lives.

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