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DRIVEN BY DESIGN-Ariel Rider E-Bikes

May 24th, 2021 · Comments

This week our DRIVEN BY DESIGN car designer Bryan Thompson talks with Arda Onel, the Founder and Partner of Ariel Rider E-Bikes.  Discussing not only their high performance models like the Grizzly, but their amazing tale of success. As two Turkish sons move to China and build an international ebike company with their father, only to struggle and falter as their father dies and they are forced to go it alone, learning the complexities of servicing such a fast growing, international business. And having the foresight and courage to shut it all down after his death and start all over again to get it right. Moving to Seattle and rebuilding their brand from scratch (with even greater success)

It's an inspirational story of struggle and courage and rebirth. As Ariel Rider E-Bikes takes a new path, reaches new heights and tackles new terrain in an ever growing (and ever changing) market. Here on Orange County's only community radio station,

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May 6th, 2021 · Comments

Brent Shedd, CEO at ZING ROBOTICS in the Bay area. An autonomous vehicle startup that has developed "an electric, level 4 autonomous mobility platform suitable for a wide variety of uses" from ground service equipment for airlines and cargo carriers (to take humans off the tarmac) to military and other potential public uses. Cool stuff with lots of potential target markets and applications. You can check them out by visiting

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