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Entries from April 2021

Driven By Design-Easy Clean Kid’s Car Seats w/Jinah Kim

April 9th, 2021 · Comments

Jinah Kim NIKO EASY WASH CAR SEAT COVERS on how becoming a mother led her to creating an easy wash cover for her kid's car seats. And how it's given her a whole new chapter in her life from TV Reporter to Entrepreneur.

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Are we really ready for the electrification of all our vehicles?

April 4th, 2021 · Comments

Are we really ready for the electrification of all our vehicles?  Tune in to this week's DRIVEN BY DESIGN as our host Bryan Thompson (a 10 year veteran of Nissan's SoCal design studio) tackles that question with Ali Jahed, a real live "electric vehicle consultant" at Morrow Mobility who previously was responsible for preparation, and full service readiness of Mazda U.S. operations (corporate, region, and dealers) for the launch of their Electric Vehicles and Hybrids, 

And given his connection with so many at Mazda (like his mentor, Tom Miata, legendary designer of the Mazda Miata), Bryan explores what it's like to work at that "scrappy car company" and how they build so much passion and heart into their products. And keep the fun of driving alive. Can that still be done in an all electric, self driving future? 

Hear all that and more in this highly energized discussion between two real "car guys" on this week's DRIVEN BY DESIGN. Exploring all the things that drive us today, here on Orange County's only community radio station.  Keeping SoCal's thriving and driving car culture alive, one conversation at a time...

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